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Student media

The oldest student medium is ‘Radio Index’, which has been on air since April 01st, 1998 and is one of 11 academic radio stations in Poland. The radio works round the clock and live programs are broadcast from 6 in the morning until midnight. It is also available on the Internet and hence has many fans all over the world. The radio offers various forms of internship. Depending on individual interest and predispositions students gain experience as reporters, DJs, producers or broadcast engineers. Work in the radio allows one to learn sound editing, programme broadcasting, running programs or news reading. Since 2002, the University has published a monthly magazine ‘Uzetka’. With circulation of almost 10 thousand, it is available in the Lubuskie Province and several other towns in Poland. Here, students can practise their skills in journalism by writing news items, articles, conducting interviews, taking photographs or formatting particular issues with graphics software.
The University Internet television TV@UZ has been broadcasting since October 2010. It was founded within the framework of the ‘HD academic interactive television’ service as part of the national project PLATON. It offers the opportunity to produce, store and make available HD audiovisual materials for academic purposes. It is generally accessible, yet has been developed mainly in response to the needs of academic centers. At present, 21 Polish centres take part in the project.  
The materials prepared by TV@UZ are available on the website of the University of Zielona Góra at, or on the platform of HD Internet television in the Pionier network at
The website is the latest media development. It has been operating since November 2012 and has combined the two former web portals of ‘Radio Index’ and ‘Uzetka’.

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