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The Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer


The Centre of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer promotes and tightens the co-operation between science and economy by organizing training sessions, workshops or conferences for managers, specialists, company employees as well as the employees of the University of Zielona Góra. Lecturers are recruited from among university teachers or entrepreneurs from the Lubuskie region, who can combine theoretical knowledge with extensive practical experience. Technology transfer is understood as various forms of activity connected with the implementation of scientific achievements in economy as well as patent and license trading, protection of intellectual property etc. Such actions constitute the basis of technological progress and are of key significance for the competitiveness of enterprises, not only in the so-called advanced technology branches. Making the most of the intellectual potential of Polish academic centres creates the opportunity for rapid development of innovation enterprises and institutions and constitutes the basis for the implementation of new technologies. This potential is rarely used by Polish companies, especially by SMEs. The activity of the Centre is supported with special funds and aims at breaking the numerous barriers hindering the transfer of technologies from their developers to practical and commercial application.

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