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The Career Office


The main aim of the Careers Office is to help students and graduates in their choice of careers by establishing co-operation with employers, familiarizing candidates with job seeking techniques and the recruitment standards and notifying them of the opportunities to upgrade and broaden their professional skills. The Careers Office hosts firm presentations, meetings and promotional events to do with the labour market. It is also involved in arranging additional apprenticeships and internships. Moreover, the Office monitors UZ graduates' professional careers and coordinates the efforts of other organizational units of the University's in this area. Firm presentations, seminars and job fairs organized by the Office consolidate local employers with the students - they serve as a bridge between the University and its students on the one hand and the labour market on the other.


In addition, the Office carries out information and consultation campaigns promoting entrepreneurship, flexible forms of employment and self-employment. It arranges workshops and training courses. It also organizes the National Careers Week, the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Volunteering Days, the city game, and meetings with specialists known as 'Do not break your leg on your way to a career - the basic information for those who start their first job.' By co-operating with the Careers Office students gain the knowledge necessary to enter the labour market safely and they develop their soft skills: communication, team work, analytical thinking, fast decision-making etc.


Every year in spring the Career Office organizes a job fair at the University. .:. Photo: Kazimierz Adamczewski


In May 2013 took place the 2nd city game for the students of the University of Zielona Góra, organized by the Career Office. In the picture the members of the group 'EWIPKI' coming fifth to the finishing line located at the Rector's Building. .:. Photo: Tomasz Gawałkiewicz ZAFF

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