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All programmes of study at UZ are consistent with the principles of flexible system of education and are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Thanks to the credit transfer, students can complete part of their studies at other universities in Poland and abroad, or follow their II or III-cycle studies in a field other than their previously completed studies.


Every year the University prepares a wide offer of specializations and universities for I cycle, II cycle, uniform Master’sstudies and doctoral PhD students.


Students of all faculties, starting from the second year of their studies, can enrol in the ERASMUS+ grant program, co-financed from the EU means, and pursue their studies for one or two semesters abroad as well as complete minimum two-month internships in firms abroad. Within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme UZ cooperates with more than 150 partners in European Union and other partner countries (including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Belarus, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia or Montenegro), as well as with universities outside Europe - in China and Vietnam. UZ students have the opportunity to complete their internships in prestigious firms and European institutions. Every year thanks to the international student exchange programme we also host students from around the world. The programme also allows for the co-financing of the so-called 'double degree' scheme trips and stays (to Germany or Lithuania). Thanks to the acquired structural funds, the University is able to provide additional support to students with disabilities or with limited material resources who go on student exchange programmes.

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