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Faculty of Arts


Interior Design – I cycle

Arts Education in Musical Art – I and II cycle               

Graphics – I cycle

Jazz and Pop Music – I cycle

Painting – I and II cycle

Visual Arts – I and II cycle


The Faculty of Arts was founded in 1999 in response to the pressing need to integrate the Zielona Góra academic art environment, which already at that time boasted a long history and significant achievements (in music since 1971 and in visual arts since 1991). At present the Faculty consists of the Institute of Music and the Institute of Visual Arts, and its academic staff includes artists of visual arts (25 persons), music (23) and scientists in the area of art studies (8). In the year 2015/2016 256 students pursued their studies in six majors offered by the Faculty.


Ever since its establishment, the prestige of the Faculty has been enhanced by the international recognition of its academic staff. The staff in visual arts and design (painting, sculpture, graphic techniques and graphic design, photography, inter-media, industrial and interior design) are known for their works displayed at national and international, solo and group exhibitions. The high standard of teaching has been confirmed by the awards granted to the students and graduates, including two first prizes in the ‘Image of the Year’ competition, a nomination to the ‘Passport’ award by ‘Polityka’ magazine, the Grand Prix award in the Competition of Young Polish Painters, The Best Diploma Work in Graphics, and the participation in the post-competition exhibition of the Grand Prix of Young Polish Graphics in Kraków.


The achievements of the academic staff specializing in both classical music and jazz are as notable and embrace a variety of disciplines (composition, conducting, instrumental studies, vocal arts). This has been confirmed by the awards they have won at international composing and conducing competitions. The achievements of the academic staff, graduates and students include numerous concerts, music recordings and the participation in television programmes such as ‘Clash of the Choirs’ or ‘Must Be the Music’. In collaboration with Arte dei Suonatori orchestra they have performed such masterpieces as the oratorio ‘Messiah’ by G.F. Handel or ‘The Requiem’ by W.A. Mozart or ‘St John Passion’ by J.S. Bach. The Faculty’s scientific achievements are as impressive, further confirmed by numerous publications.


The students can pursue their artistic and academic passions in the academic circles, the Free Choice Workshop, as concert musicians in pop or jazz bands and classical ensembles. Also, under the ERASMUS+ programme they have an opportunity to pursue their studies at selected universities in the Czech Republic, France, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey and Vietnam. The Faculty is a place for sensitive and creative people.

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