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Faculty of Computer, Electrical and Control Engineering


Automatics and Robotics – I, II and III cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Electronic Business – I cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Energy Efficiency – I cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Electronics and Telecommunications – I cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Electrical Engineering – I, II and III cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Computer Science – I, II and III cycle (intramural and extramural studies)


The Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Automatics offers 3-cycle programmes of study in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Automatics and Robotics. The high standard of education offered by the Faculty was recognized by the State Accreditation Committee, which distinguished the major of Computer Science in May 2011. The Faculty is formed of three institutes: Electrical Engineering, Electrical Metrology, Electronics and Computer Science, Control and IT Systems. It employs 28 professors, 45 PhD degree holders and 4 MSc degree holders. The academic staff conducts research in the areas of electrical engineering, energy production, computer science, automatics and electronics.


The Faculty boasts well-developed laboratory facilities equipped with modern measuring and test equipment to conduct research in industrial automatics, electrical engineering, electronics, computer science and electromagnetic compatibility. That allows the Faculty to conduct academic and developmental research as well as offer expert studies, measurements, trainings and other services commissioned by industry.


The high standard of services offered by the Faculty has resulted in increased demand from firms and industrial enterprises such as KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., (and its Branches: Huta Miedzi ‘GŁOGÓW’ and ‘LEGNICA’); Relpol S.A. Zakład Polon, RELPOL S.A. Żary; Nord Napędy Zakłady Produkcyjne Sp. z o.o.; KEIPER Polska Sp. z o.o., Honeywell Enraf, the Netherlands; the Province Hospital in Zielona Góra; Mazel sp.j. Nowa Sól or Swedwood Poland Sp. z o.o.


Within its cooperation with industry the Faculty hosts academies of the following firms: Cisco, Microsoft, MetaPack, REC, Perceptus, ADB and Siemens.

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