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The Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology


Education (the offer includes a range of majors depending on the cycle of study (intramural and extramural studies):

cultural animation in arts: photography/dance, elementary education and pedagogical therapy, elementary education and early childhood artistic education, elementary education and early foreign language teaching, school IT and media education, speech therapy and sign language (intramural studies only), speech therapy and pedagogical therapy (intramural studies only), new media in social communication with the English language, care and education pedagogy and prophylaxis, resocialization with preparation for mediation, resocialization with preparation for work in uniformed services.


Education - II cycle (intramural and extramural studies) with the following majors on offer:

cultural animation in arts – theatre, elementary education and media education, elementary education and children’s skills development, media and IT education, care and education pedagogy and prophylaxis, social assistance and sociotherapy, resocialization and specialist therapy


Education – III cycle (intramural studies)


Special Education – I cycle (intramural and extramural studies)


Social Work – I cycle (intramural and extramural studies)


Psychology – uniform MA programme (intramural and extramural studies)


Sociology – I, II and III cycle (intramural studies)



Nearly 1,950 students study at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology, 1,352 of whom are intramural students. Until the year 2014/2015 over 34,000 students graduated from the Faculty. The Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology offers four major fields of study (Education, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology) at three cycle levels. Candidates for Education choose the field of study and only then the specialization. Candidates for II cycle Education are admitted directly for the specialization. The Faculty’s graduates may also continue their education at postgraduate studies or III cycle doctoral studies in Education and Sociology.


Students can pursue their passions and interests in the academic circles very active at the Faculty. Students’ creativity frequently serves as inspiration to undertake actions not only for the benefit of the University but also for the city. Their creativity also causes that the Faculty excels in the number of laureates of both national and international contests and festivals.

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