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Faculty of Humanities


Coaching and Philosophical Counselling – I cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Journalism and Social Communication – I cycle (intramural studies)
European Studies and Cross-border Relationships – I cycle (intramural studies)
Philology, Polish – I and II cycle (intramural studies)
Philology, English – I and II cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Philology, French with Romance as a second language – I cycle (intramural studies)
Philology, German – I and II cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Philology, Russian – I and II cycle (intramural studies)
Philology, Russian with English as an additional language – I cycle (intramural studies)
Philology, French for professional communication with Romance as a second language – I cycle (intramural studies)
Philological Internet Operations and E-editing – I cycle (intramural studies)
Philosophy – I and II cycle (intramural studies)
History – I, II and III cycle (intramural studies)
Linguistics - III cycle (intramural studies)
Business Communication in Russian – I cycle (intramural studies)
Cultural Studies – I cycle (intramural studies)
Popular Literature and Game Worlds Creations – I cycle (intramural studies)
Literary Studies – III cycle (intramural studies)
Political Science – I and II cycle (intramural studies)
Intercultural Relations – I cycle (intramural studies)


The Faculty of Humanities is one of the biggest faculties of the University of Zielona Góra. Currently, over 1,600 students and doctoral candidates pursue intramural or extramural BA, MA and PhD programmes of study under the supervision of 165 lecturers. The Faculty boasts advanced scientific and teaching infrastructure, concentrated solely on Campus B in Wojska Polskiego Ave. Students have at their disposal modern lecture halls, multimedia rooms, free access to wireless broadband internet in the entire area. All premises at the Faculty are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Faculty students also make use of the modern University Library situated nearby, also in Wojska Polskiego Ave. The Library resources of more than one million volumes include a large range of books and periodicals on humanities in the broad sense. They constitute the largest collection of books on Polish soil west of Poznań and Wrocław.


The Faculty cooperates with universities in Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Under the ERASMUS+ programme our students go on internships to a number of European countries.

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