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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Occupational Safety and Health – I cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Machine Building and Operation – III cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Safety Engineering – I cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Biomedical Engineering – I and II cycle (intramural studies and extramural studies [II cycle only])
Production Engineering – III cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Mechanical Engineering and Machine Building – I and II cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Production Management and Engineering – I and II cycle (intramural and extramural studies), including a programme of study in English (II cycle intramural only)


The mission of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (WM) of the University of Zielona Góra is to conduct advanced research and developmental work in order to extend knowledge in the areas of mechanical engineering, production engineering, biomedical engineering and work environment management, resulting in its commercialization and practical implementation as well as providing students in all the above areas with a quality of education that ensures their competitiveness on the labour market.


The Faculty employs highly qualified academic staff and co-operates with numerous academic centers both in Poland and abroad. As a regional leader in scientific research and education in the areas of mechanical, material, biomedical engineering, management and production engineering, and safety engineering, the Faculty educates fully competent and knowledgeable technical staff, characterized by the capacity for analytical thinking, creativity or professional ethics.


Thanks to its research and educational activity, the Faculty popularizes modern design, technological, educational, organizational and social solutions. The Faculty offers services ranging from the innovative application of theoretical knowledge in a variety of areas including mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, organization and management to sociological and social expertise, which is particularly useful in both individual and team work. The Faculty is authorized to confer doctoral degrees in Machine Building and Operation, and Production Engineering.

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