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Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

(intramural studies only)


Astronomy – III cycle
Physics – I, II and III cycle
Medical Physics - I cycle
Aerospace Engineering – I cycle


In 2013, by the decision of the Committee for Evaluation of Scientific Units the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy was granted category A and ranked 8th in the group of 26 similar institutions in Poland, including 4th in the category of ‘scientific and creative achievements’. The Faculty is authorized to confer post-doctoral and Ph.D. degrees in Physics and Astronomy. The academic staff are involved in a number of own and external research projects and co-operate with the leading centres in Poland and abroad. In 2014, the Polish Accreditation Committee, a body supervising the quality of tertiary education, gave the Faculty a positive institutional assessment.


The Professor Janusz Gil Institute of Astronomy conducts research in the areas of the physics of pulsar and magnetar radiation, the structure of the interstellar medium and its impact on the scattering of the radio signal, the astrophysics of gravitational waves, plasma physics in the Solar System as well as the research in the dynamic systems of contemporary celestial mechanics and astrodynamics. As part of the Polish POLFAR consortium, the Institute is involved in the development of modern research infrastructure in radio astronomy - the International LOFAR Telescope station. It is worth adding that UZ prof. Dorota Gondek-Rosińska Ph.D. is a member of the international LIGO-VIRGO team, a group of scientists who confirmed the existence of gravitational waves in 2016 (see photo above: at the VIRGO gravitational waves detector in Italy).


The Institute of Physics conducts research in the area of both experimental and theoretical physics: EPR and FMR spectroscopy, experimental research and simulations of modern functional materials and nanomaterials, the electro plasma physics, the issues of the symmetry of the micro-world, quantum optics, quantum informatics, the physics of magnetism, the mathematical methods of physics, analytical mechanics and non-linear systems, and high-energy astrophysics.


In the field of Physics the following specializations are offered: Astrophysics and Computational Physics (with a new computer laboratory) and Theoretical Physics. During practical classes at the Province Teaching Hospital in Zielona Góra, students of Medical Physics have a Medical Physics laboratory at their disposal, where they can familiarize themselves with the latest medical equipment. In co-operation with the Faculty of Geodesy, Urban Engineering and Civil Engineering of the Warmińsko-Mazurski University of Olsztyn the Faculty is starting a new programme of study: Aerospace Engineering.


Our doctoral, I and II-cycle students participate in scientific projects, perform measurements in laboratories and observatories around the world. Their efforts result in a number of publications but also in the proficiency of equipment operation or programming, the ability to analyze a variety of data, which translates into the possibility of finding employment in the best scientific institutes or any other places where problem-solving involves advanced methods of analysis and synthesis (f.ex. banks or market analysis centres).

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