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Student media


The oldest student medium is ‘Radio Index’, which has been on air since 01 April 1998 and is one of nine college radio stations in Poland. The radio broadcasts live from 6.00 to 24.00 but transmits its programme round the clock! It can also be received via the Internet and therefore has faithful fans even across the ocean.


The UZ radio station enlists co-operation of not only students but also pupils and the University’s graduates and teachers. Some prove themselves as reporters, others as DJs. Some are born interviewers, others - sports commentators. Radio work allows one to learn sound mixing and editing, programme broadcasting, hosting radio shows, preparing and presenting the news.


Since 2017 Index has also been present on TV. The studio has been equipped with TV cameras, thanks to which interviews and talk shows can be watched on the station’s  Internet website and in social media. Most programmes are broadcast from the studio, but there are also field productions: on-the-scene coverage reports from events, including sports events and conferences. Audio and video materials present the most important news from the University, the city and the region. The programme offer includes spoken-word and spoken-word-and-music broadcasts, music shows, hourly news bulletins, and currents news in sports, culture and science.


The University radio also offers journalism workshops, internships and apprenticeships for students. Over the years Akademickie Radio Index has reared many journalists, who are now known from nationwide stations ( Kamil Baleja – Radio Złote Przeboje, Filip Czyszanowski – TVP Sport, Michał Korościel i Damian Michałowski – Radio Zet, Wiktor Brzozowski – Radio Eska, Karol Tokarczyk – Polityka Insight). Many of them look back fondly on their first steps in the radio.


The youngest offspring of Zielona Góra student media is the University Information Portal . It was launched at the beginning of November 2012 r and merged the portals of Radio Index and UZetka (a monthly University magazine published in the years 2002-2018). It publishes current news from the University, the city of Zielona Góra and the whole of Lubusz Voivodeship. The portal is updated several times a day.

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