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Tuition fees

Non-nationals who enrol in a programme of studies on a fee-paying basis or undertake studies conducted in a foreign language pay a fee equivalent annually to not less than:

  • EUR 2,000 for first-cycle or second-cycle studies,
  • EUR 3,000 for doctoral studies.

The fees are fixed by the rector of the University.

The tuition fee for a non-national cannot be lower than the planned cost of education.

Non-nationals admitted to studies (including doctoral studies) on a fee-paying basis, shall pay, in the first year of education, the fees increased by an equivalent of EUR 200, regardless of the number of undertaken majors.

Should a non-national find him/herself in difficult material circumstances or should he/she undertake education in another major or another form of education on a fee-paying basis, the rector of the University may, at the request of the person concerned, lower the above tuition fee or exempt the non-national from the fee altogether.

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