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The Computer Centre of the University of Zielona Góra

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The Computer Centre of the University of Zielona Góra (CK UZ) is an inter-faculty unit, whose main aim is to maintain and develop the University Computer Network (USK UZ), Zielona Góra Municipal Area Network (ZMSK ZielMAN), and the main IT systems operating at the University of Zielona Góra.


CK UZ maintains an over 160-km-long fibre optic network covering Zielona Góra, Nowy Kisielin, Nowa Sól and Sulechów. As part of the PIONIER Consortium network, the Computer Centre of the University of Zielona Góra cooperates with 21 academic centres in Poland for the purpose of planning, operating and managing the fibre optic network for science known as Polish Optical Internet - PIONIER. USK UZ connects several thousand employee and student computers with the use of cable and wireless networks. 


CK UZ provides its users and the University units with numerous IT services, including access to the Internet, hosting, server virtualization, the electronic mail, web servers, remote access to university and library resources, etc. The most important network devices and University servers are installed at the Data Processing Centre (Campus A). The Computer Centre employees are also responsible for the maintenance and development of the main IT systems at the University, most of which are proprietary systems. The most complex of these is the Dziekanat 2.3 system, which supports all study-related aspects of managing the University, from recruitment, through the electronic index, social issues (grants, dormitories etc.) to issuing diplomas to graduates. It serves as a basis for other important systems/modules such as reporting data to the Ministry-managed POLON systems, the National Repository of Diploma Papers (ORPD), plagiarism detection check of diploma papers, the electronic Student ID card system ELS, the University education offer (SylabUZ system), or employee evaluation surveys. The Dziekanat 2.3 system also manages the University's finances (electronic purchase orders, revenue and expenditure accounts, the contract register, internal financial accounts, University fees and many others). Other systems managed by Dziekanat 2.3 include the computer system of publication record SKEP (with the export of data to the national Polish Scientific Bibliography PBN repository), the database of UZ organizational units and employees PERS, the database of the University legal acts (Rector's regulations, Senate's resolutions).

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