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The University Library


The library of the University of Zielona Góra is the largest academic library in Lubusz Voivodeship.


It is a modern centre of educational resources and scientific information. It serves the academic teachers, the students and the inhabitants of the city and the region. The library holdings cover all the fields of study offered by the University. The Library provides easy access to the most important national and global scientific resources and information services. The readers can not only make use of the 900,000 traditional printed holdings but also of 3,000,000 electronic and network resources, including prestigious journals and scientific books. The Library also holds valuable special collections (manuscripts, early printed books, cartographic and graphic documents), music and audiovisual collections, ephemera collections, technical literature, standards and patents. The collection of the Regional Centre For Norm and Patent Information is one of the largest in Lubusz Voivodeship.


This modern, multifunctional building of interesting architecture offers its users friendly and diverse spaces to work, meet, rest and experience art. The building has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and allows for direct contact of all readers with the holdings. The readers can make use of computer workstations, multimedia and teaching rooms, booths for individual and group work, a multimedia library, a periodicals reading room, and an art gallery. They also find it convenient to use the high-tech computerized self-service lending and return desks.


The UZ Library also houses Zielona Góra Digital Library, which provides broad remote access to various sources of knowledge, educational resources, digital copies of the most valuable monuments of writing, art collections and regional materials. It also offers a separate collection for the blind. The academic publications of the University’s staff is registered in the bibliographic database and repository. The library also manages two art galleries and hosts exhibitions of contemporary art.



In December 2012 the construction of the new building of the University Library was completed. During the handover ceremony the Marshal of Lubuskie Province Elżbieta Polak (in the middle) was the first one to borrow books. Here accompanied by Ewa Adaszyńska - the Library Director. Photo: Tomasz Gawałkiewicz ZAFF


Be it winter or summer, the Library building always looks presentable. Photo: Tomasz Gawałkiewicz ZAFF


Be it winter or summer, the Library building always looks presentable. Photo: Tomasz Gawałkiewicz ZAFF


Everyone was captivated by the interior and spatial design. Photo: Tomasz Gawałkiewicz ZAFF


The Library houses a professional Art Gallery. Photo: Tomasz Gawałkiewicz ZAFF


The Library is modern in every detail. Photo: Tomasz Gawałkiewicz ZAFF

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